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Please let me introduce myself; My name is Egan, I’m a professional software engineer who specializes in designing, implementing and managing custom lead generation funnels for local business owners.

Online marketing has become big business – there are literally hundred’s of thousands of products and services out there which all claim to help business owners get more… wait for it… business.

Some of these products and services are awesome, most of them are a complete waste of time and money. I take the headache out of figuring which is which.

My service is simple – hence the name – LOH-TECH Consulting. It’s also a play on word’s since my last name is Lohman (get it 🙂 ?

Here’s what I do:

  1. Roadmapping – When a new client comes on board, I first evaluate their existing digital marketing footprint.
  2. Define objectives – Next, we clearly define their marketing objective.A� A campaign without an objective is doomed to fail.
  3. Develop a strategy – Finally, we design a strategy to meet the objective.

Sounds pretty straight forward right?A� That’s cause it is.A� I don’t waste time making beautiful marketing materials that no one will ever see.A� I focus entirely on data driven ROI.

What this looks like in practice:

I almost always recommend a paid advertising campaign, but again with a clearly defined objective.A� I use Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and occasionally other social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat.A� Advertisements have a clearly defined call to action, which directs a potential lead to a landing page.

Landing pages are congruent with their ad.A� Meaning they have the same look, feel and messaging as the ad (i.e. the same image, the same call to action, etc..).A� They are also optimized to track conversion (FB Pixel, Google Analytics, etc…).

Leads who opt-in via the landing page are added to an automated email marketing workflow.A� This is critical.A� Digital marketing, especially on social media platforms, is passive.A� In other words, your potential customers are not actively shopping for your products or services.A� Therefore, even though your ad might momentarily capture their interest, the chances of them acting on your offer at that exact moment are slim to none.

That’s why it’s so important to continuously follow up with your lead.A� Automated email marketing allows us to nurture the lead into a customer.A� It also provides us with limitless potential to market additional products and services to existing leads and customers.

Most email marketing solutions are nothing more than glorified newsletter creators.A� But some, the ones I use, are the most powerful marketing tools imaginable.

They allow us to send incredibly targeted messaging to each and every lead.A� They allow us to create workflows that take specific action based on rules and events.A� They integrate with other platforms to create a completely unified marketing system, and they are super inexpensive!

The power of automated email marketing, is hard to describe in words.A� Its much easier to simply show you.

If you’re a local business owner in the Gallatin Valley, fill out the form below, and you’ll be directed through a series of steps to schedule a quick 20 minute phone call with me.

Pay attention to each page – you’ll see how I’ve integrated a few, free, online services to capture very specific information about you and your business, and then use that information to send you tailored emails to help move you to action.

My current offer is to create, setup, run and manage a lead generation campaign using Facebook Ads, for FREE…

Here’s the deal:

I’m new to Bozeman, and looking to establish my ad agency here by partnering with a few select business owners who want more customers. So I’m challenging myself to build three compelling case studies with folks who are a good fit.

If your business could use more leads, phone calls and sales, fill out the form below, and I’ll build, manage and run a lead generation campaign using Facebook ad for you for freea��

Well, almost free – someone’s got to pay the piper (aka, Facebook :). But we can cap your ad spend to less than $100, which can translate into roughly 20-50 high quality, motivated leads for your business!

My time and work will be completely free – I’ll design the ad, offer, landing page and automated email campaign, and I’ll setup, manage and run the whole thing – at no cost to you.

There’s no catch, no fine print.

We’ll run the ad for a week or so, and if you like the results, great! We can discuss extending and scaling it up. And if not, we’ll chock it up as a cheap, but failed, experiment – and part ways as friends (hint: it won’t fail!).

Sound good?

Cool. Fill out the form below and let’s get started!


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